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Think of the college essay as the face of your application. Your essay has to make the admissions officers care about you and like you so that they might accept you despite your weakness in other areas. Understanding the importance of the college essay, makes choosing the right college essay topic a necessary first step toward perfecting your application. Admission papers are usually very broad and difficult to tackle. Therefore, choosing a topic can be the most difficult aspects of the entire admissions process. You have to look for a topic that you can write about most passionately and effectively. However, even the most reflective writers are left wondering: How am I supposed to know the one event that has changed my life or the one thing that represents my entire personality. In all likelihood there isn’t just one. But there probably is one that you can write about most passionately and effectively. The most important part of your entire essay is finding this one subject. Without a topic you feel passionate about, without one that brings out the defining aspects of you personality, you risk sounding like most of the applicants who will write boring admission essays.

You might be surprise as the college essay topic the you choose can reveals much more about yourself than you can ever imagine. Your admission topic can reveal your preferences. Are you an arts person or a hard-facts science type? There is an obvious different between the way a person talking and a science students talking. The choice of your admission paper topic can also reveals how you perceive yourself. Are you a cat person, or the person who drives a beat-up, rusty, 1971 Volkswagen is making a statement about how she wants to spend her money and what she cares about. In choosing, you indicate what matters to you and how you perceive yourself. Your admission paper can show how you think. Are you whimsical, a person who chooses on impulse? Or are you methodical and careful, a person who gathers background information before choosing? Questions about you and about career and college reflect these choosing patterns.

Even a question about a national issue can show your particular thinking style, level of intelligence, and insight. As the admission can be the first impression that you will give to your admission officers, you must be able to think thoroughly before you start writing on your paper. You must also constantly review your paper, to make sure that your topic drives with what you are writing about. At the same time you must also be absolutely sure that you have answered the question asked in your essay. Some students would get so carried away with what they want to write that they sometimes, running away from the focus of the college essay that requires them to answer some questions. Therefore, after you have make up your mind of the college essay topic, you have to start doing a proper organizing of your essay outline, so to make sure that you have answer the questions required.

• APA Format: Follow APA guidelines when you cite your sources. Up to five points will be deducted for NOT using the correct APA format. • discuss how economic growth impact other economic indicators. • describe the role of technological progress in economic growth. • evaluate differing perspectives on whether growth is desirable and sustainable. 1. Locate two recent articles regarding the global economic growth. 2. Write a one to two page paper. 3. In your paper, answer the question: Why do economies grow? Support with the findings from the articles and other sources you would like to use. 4. Include a title page and a reference page. The reference page and title page are not included in your page count. Follow APA guidelines when you cite your resources and create your reference page. Respond to any feedback you received from this system. • Click the Submit button to upload your completed assignment before class starts.

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