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As the name indicates, extended essays focuses more on the length of the essays, this is perhaps the major reason why students dont like to write extended essays due to the length problems. The matter of the fact is there is no standard length for IB extended essay but the ideal length is considered to be around four thousand. Isnt it tiring enough! Therefore, if you also have been assigned to write extended essays then you have to write it if you dont want to get failed in the essay exams. If you will go through the following ideas to tackle the difficulties of writing extended essays, then you will surely get good grades in essay exams. What are the basics of writing extended essay format that a student should know? 1- Although, there is no hard and fast rule for the length of extended essays but the ideal extended essay length should be at least of 3000 words.

2- There is a big hand of research in the extended essays which include primary and secondary sources. Make sure, you are also doing that. 3- As the length of the essay is the biggest issue in extended essays, therefore, you should make sure that you are giving it enough time. Ideally, you should start writing two weeks earlier before the due date. How to craft interesting extended essay topics? The first thing that you should keep in mind while deciding the extended essay topics is the length, as it is a lengthy essay then the topic should be something which has a wide variety of information on it. For example; cold war or Vietnam War could do well. You must also have a vast knowledge about the IB extended essay topic, for this you can at least one week to study and get all the related information. When you are crafting the extended essay outline you should make sure that it not too broad or too specific so that you can focus on the crux of the problem.

· How U.S media exploited the Vietnam War? · What were the implications of the Cold War? · How to perform a research work for extended essays? Internet can the great source to extract the information almost on every topic in the world but there are some disadvantages associated with it as well. There are many website providing unauthentic information on some topics, therefore, it is crucial that you first confirm that all the information or material you are getting is worth using in the extended essays. Another good resource could be the course book, read it and get all the information in the world about your topic for extended essays. Hence, if you will follow the above told guidelines for writing extended essays then you will surely end up with good piece of paper in your hands. Final words of advice are that; as there is no standard length for writing extended essays then it is crucial that you ask you teachers about it.

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