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Impact of AI on operations in retail industry

Research Proposal about the impact of artificial intelligence on the operations and decision making processes in the retail industry.
Max 1500 Words
Proposal should contain the following elements:
1. Title Page: Title of project and your name
2. Executive Summary: Executive Summary must be on a separate page of the proposal,
and should contain: (a) background information, identification of the issue or opportunity and
the research questions, (b) brief details of the tools, techniques and frameworks you have
proposed to employ, and (c) research method.
3. Table of Contents
4. Business Research Background: Provide the background circumstances which indicate
a need for the specific business research project proposal. Demonstrate that you have
considered prior work in the area, and show the gaps in the current knowledge. Source
information from government and industry reports, magazines and newspapers, and if
relevant, peer reviewed journals. Provide graphs, tables and statistics.
5. Identification of Issue or Opportunity: Describe the issue or opportunity, and explain its
significance to business. Clearly state the research objectives of the study. You need
to unpack the questions.
6. Literature Review: review of key framework, theories, concepts that you believe would be
relevant to addressing the issue or opportunity. At the early stage of the proposal
development, this section is likely to be broad, and is expected to evolve as you progress
through the session.
7. Research method: Describe your plan to collect the data for your project. When providing
data sources just stating government publications, industry reports, web sites as sources of
data is insufficient. You need to be specific, for example, by stating that you would source
from the web site of Australian Prudential Regulation Authority or KPMG industry report on
XYZ. You need to describe your plan of how the data will be analysed.
8. References in Harvard referencing style
1. Analyses a given business context to construct research questions by identifying
issues or opportunity, and an explanation of its significance to business.
2. Identifies and synthesizes practices, principles, frameworks and theories that
demonstrate complex interrelationships between the issues.
3. Describes a plan to collect reliable data for the business research project, and
shows a preliminary list of high quality, credible and relevant data sources.
4. Quality of arguments and logic used.
5. Uses business and disciplinary language appropriate to the audience. Demonstrates
genre and disciplinary conventions including formatting and stylistics choices.
6. References materials accurately according to Harvard style, both in-text and at the
end of the proposal.

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