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Although hated and reviled by professors and teachers, companies offering essay writing services thrive because they fulfill a real need. Theoretically, students are given essays and assignments to make them gain a deeper understanding of the subject; it doesn’t always work out that way in practice. Sometimes, the load of the course work assigned is just too heavy, and you may just not have enough time to create a decent essay. At times, the topic depresses you, and although you normally enjoy writing assignments and essays, you just cannot bring yourself to write on that particular topic. Paying someone to write your essays doesn’t feel nice, but at times that’s your only option. It wouldn’t be sad to get hooked on to some essay writing service and pay them to write all your assignments, but using their help when you’re faced with tough or boring assignments can work in your favor. Many such sites will also assist you to get better at writing; you can submit your rough drafts on these sites and they will proofread, review, and edit them.

Through this exercise you can identify the mistakes you tend to make, and learn to avoid them in the future. Obviously it’s best to write your own essays; don’t let laziness goad you into taking a shortcut. But when you are left with no other option, there is nothing wrong with using an essay writing service. The only problem is that if your teacher or professor finds out that you’ve submitted someone else’s work, you might land into serious trouble. More likely than not, your teacher will sense that the writing style is different and ideas in the essay do not match with ideas you expressed in other essays. Not only will this affect your grades adversely, it will also make the teacher mistrust your future efforts. So, simply copy pasting the essay from an essay writing site might not solve your problem. Also, you will have to do a bit of research over the internet to find a genuine essay writing services. All the essay writing services say that they hire only professional writers, but they could simply be outsourcing the work to random individuals. On the top of it, you will have to find an essay writing service that truly provides 100% original content-if even parts of your essay are copied, your professor can use the internet and find out about it seconds. Use your common sense and be honest to yourself about your reasons for using essay writing services. If you opt for such services simply out of mental lassitude, then you are practically paying good money to help someone stunt your intellectual growth. But if you use them smartly, essay writing sites can make your life easier, improve your writing abilities, and help you find time to focus on the more important things in your life.

You can do this by making reference to the question. Here is a sample. In conclusion, conflict in The River Between, arises from differences of religion, culture and personal convictions. The life of the people of Kameno and Makuyu is characterised by antagonism that is seemingly unending, no wonder the two ridges follow separate paths. Because of this, it becomes hard for them to act as one in their quest to kick the white man from their land. Writing the conclusion of your essay is not a chance to tell us a moral lesson learnt as some candidates do. Such candidates preach instead of winding up their essay. Following is a sample of such a conclusion. In conclusion, we realise that conflict is bad and should be avoided at all costs. We should eliminate all factors that lead to conflict in our communities so that we may enjoy peace and live in harmony.

When providing illustrations avoid quoting from the book word for word. Paraphrase instead. Moreover, any time you quote the title of the book, underline it. You should write your essay in correct grammar. Obey spelling rules, punctuation, word choice and sentence construction rules. Use the present simple tense. You will be awarded a maximum of four marks for your linguistic ability. Also, use a legible handwriting as it is an indication of an organised student. When you write illegibly, you force the examiner to guess what you are trying to say. This is not safe for you. When you make an error, cancel neatly and avoid smudges and untidy erasures. 1. Christians are supposed to live an exemplary life but Joshua fails this test. With illustrations from Ngugi Wa Thiong’o’s The River Between, show the truth of this statement drawing. Those of us who are religious are expected to live exemplary life by following the teachings of the holy book. The society places particular expectations on such people and any behaviour to the contrary is frowned upon. In The River Between, Joshua, though a staunch Christian convert, fails in various ways to live an exemplary Christian life.

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