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MBA personal statement writing tips can be found all over the Internet. In fact, with all of the websites offering essay writing tips, you can easily get confused just reading about these tips and tricks. In this article, you will read about how to keep your MBA personal statement short and concise, while still being able to effectively introduce yourself and impress the admissions committee. One mistake that some MBA applicants make is that they end up writing lengthy essays in an attempt at impressing the admissions officers. The truth is, you are likely to get better results with a short and concise essay rather than one that is lengthy and more difficult to read. You have to keep in mind that admissions officers spend days reading hundreds or even thousands of admission essays. The last thing you’d want is to bore them with a long essay. As much as possible, try to cut out any information that is not directly related to the questions or guidelines given in the personal statement instructions.

At the same time, you want to make sure that you are within the given word or page limits by the admissions office. The trick to keeping your essay short is good judgment, so you can decide what needs to be in the essay and what can be taken out. One great tip is to have other people read it so you can get their opinion on whether it is fine the way it is or if it should be shortened. Keeping your essay short is a great way to keep the admissions committee’s attention, but there are a number of others strategies you can use to spice up your admission essay. Some people result to creative strategies, such as writing a poem, using cliches, or employing humor, but it is often best to stay away from such risky tactics and keep it simple instead. To spice up your MBA admission essay the right way, you should try to find a unique perspective that truly represents your personality and who you are. You don’t have to be verbose or highfalutin, but instead try to be simple and clear. Let the voice do the talking. 1. How can I employ creativity in my MBA personal statement? 2. Is it better to impress the committee with a long admission essay instead of a short one that is easy to read? 3. How can I improve my essay to impress the admissions officers?

There are cases wherein people with average grades but with good admission essays have passed the selection process. Admission officials have feelings too, and there is a chance that you can win them over through your willingness to learn and determination. You can find good sample college application essays that used this approach. Though it may seem like a Hail Mary pass, it does work. The only thing is, this would be a bit difficult to pull off. Bad grades may be bad for your college application, but theyre not the only determinants for the success of your college admission. So use whatever means you have available to lessen the impact of these grades. One of your best weapons is your admission essay. By focusing on the good things and giving the right justifications, you greatly improve your chances of admission. Plus, there are sample college application essays that can help you do that. Now, its just a matter of writing the right things to convince admission officials that you are worth their pick. About The Author Nancy Haverford writes about how sample college application essays can aid students in downplaying their bad grades. By looking at sample college application essays, students can find styles and techniques on how to highlight the good points.

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