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Food and Nutrition

During week 1 and 2, you recorded and analyzed your dietary intake for 3 days. Now modify your intake to meet the following dietary recommendations. In order to make the changes, you will need to use Eat Tracker. Start a new profile so you do not lose your original diet analysis. Your new diet analysis must meet these goals. These should look familiar. They are recommendations we have discussed throughout the class.
Calorie intake is within 200 calories of the calorie level recommended by the diet analysis program. Be sure you selected the correct activity for your daily activities.
All nutrients meet or exceed the target or limit. Be sure not exceed the upper limit for the nutrient.
All food groups are >100% and <250%.
The source of calories from carbohydrate is >55% and the source of calories from fat is <25%.
Once you have modified your diet, fill in the table below.
Foods I deleted from my diet
Foods I changed the amount in my diet
New Foods I added to my diet
Answer the following questions in a short written essay. This summary should be at least one page, double-spaced, 12 point font, and 1” margins.
Was making the changes an easy task?
Are the changes realistic?
Is there a particular type of food you found yourself adding and/or deleting?

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