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Project 3 Asia Division Business Unit

BMGT 364 Project 3 (Week 7) Asia Division Business Unit Strategy Management Plan – Phase 3
NOTE: All submitted work is to be your original work. You may not use any work from another student, the Internet or an online clearinghouse. You are expected to understand the Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism Policy, and know that it is your responsibility to learn about instructor and general academic expectations with regard to proper citation of sources as specified in the APA Publication Manual, 6th Ed. (Students are held accountable for in-text citations and an associated reference list only).
In this project, you will complete Phase 3 of the Asia Division Business Unit Strategy Management Plan. Drawing from the course material, you will
Use the course material through week 7 and your research to complete Phase 3 of the Asia Division Business Unit Strategy Management Plan.
Learn and apply concepts concerning human resources. You will also write an Executive Summary.
Skill Building:
You are also completing this project to help develop critical thinking and develop part of a management plan.
You will be required to research the cosmetic industry as a continuation of Project 1. Do not take the research lightly as you are required to do significant research to answer the requirements of the project.
Skills: Research, Critical Thinking, Write a Management Plan
Outcome Met by Completing This Assignment
employ effective planning processes to develop strategies, goals, and objectives in order to enhance performance and sustainability
organize human, physical, and financial resources for the effective and efficient attainment of organizational goals
demonstrate leadership skills by communicating a shared vision, motivating and empowering others, and creating a culture of ethical decision-making and innovation
develop measures and assess outcomes against plans and standards to improve organizational effectiveness
The Executive Director for the new Asia Division, has been asked by Max Barney to put together, and present in a memo to him, a business unit strategy that will be a guide for the next year as the new division moves forward. The Executive Director will be working with the consulting group over the next 5 weeks and they will assist with putting together this plan. The final plan will be laid out as outlined below and developed in three phases.
You have successfully completed Phase I and Phase II and it is now time to complete Phase III. In the third phase, Section I and Section VII will be completed.
Section I – Executive Summary
Section II – Goals and Objectives
Section III – Competitive Analysis
Section IV – Description of Organizational Structure and Culture
Section V – Breakdown of Product and Services
Section VI – Communications Plan
Section VII – Human Resources Plan
A Business Unit Strategy will provide the organization an opportunity to explain the goals and objectives of the new division and help with the development of the strategy to achieve them. The plan will allow the company to gain insight into the current status of the industry it is venturing into using internal and external analysis tools, and then use this analysis to design its division’s business environment. In addition, the plan will be used to form the team that will bring the vision for this division to reality.
Instructions for completing Phase III of the Business Unit Strategy
These two sections will finalize the Business Unit Strategy the group from GoTo has been assisting the Executive Director with, and should now be tied together as a single document.
Incorporate all three phases into a single paper for deliver. You will need the Biotech Company Profile to complete the analysis.
Step 1: Human Resource Plan
A human resource plan will allow the director of the new Asia division to identify the future human resource needs for the organization. The director has asked the GoTo Consulting group to evaluate the product line identified and conduct market analysis to determine possible man power needs for the product manufacturing and all management and supervisory roles (to include all levels of management). The management levels should have been identified in the Description of Organizational Structure and Culture section of this strategy, but the resource needs in manufacturing will need to be considered. Remember the only person currently hired for the new facility is the Director so there will need to be Assistant Division Directors (ADD) for the other areas identified in the Structure such as Marketing, R&D, Sales, etc. Each of the ADD’s will need to have staff as well; you will need to identify how each ADD will be provided staff. Will they identify and interview themselves or will HR be a part of the hiring process. The Organizational Chart is also a part of the HR plan so ensure it is also placed in this section for reference.
Training is a key to retention in business today; employees like to feel they are important to the organization and investment in their competencies shows commitment to them. So, consider what the new division will need to do to ensure they are keeping the best talent they find.
Evaluation is another way organizations can show their commitment to employees. How will the new division conduct employee evaluations based on what is common in the area that the GoTo group identified? This will require a level of research in common HR practices in that region.
The group needs to remember that this is a brand new division that will be selling products that Biotech currently is not involved in so all aspects of business will need to be considered such as marketing, etc. Remember there is no perfect HR Plan, just plans that work and plans that do not. Good plans consider the employee and the culture around them just as important as the organization itself.
Step 2: Phase I and Phase II
Tie all sections from Phase I – Phase III into a single document using the feedback from Phase 1 and Phase 2 to make updates. What this means is that you will:
Physically combine the three documents;
Integrate feedback given and updates you believe are necessary (you may not have feedback from Project at this point but you will have feedback for Project 1;
Remove the introductions used for Project 1 and Project 2;
Ensure there are smooth transitions from one section to another;
Add any additional information or research that you have come across since writing Project 1.
Step 3: Executive Summary
The Executive Summary will be the first section of the paper but should be written last since it will highlight what is intended for discussion in the rest of the strategy. A good executive summary is compelling. It reveals the company’s mission statement, along with a short description of the products Biotech will provide at the launch of the new division. It is also necessary to briefly explain why Biotech is starting the new division and include details about Biotech’s experience related to the industry the company is entering.
Step 4: Review the Paper
Read the paper to ensure all required elements are present. Use the grading rubric to ensure that you gain the most points possible for this assignment.
Proofread the paper for spelling and grammatical issues, and third person writing.
Read the paper aloud as a first measure;
Use the spell and grammar check in Word as a second measure;
Have someone who has excellent English skills proof the paper;
Consider submitting the memo to the Effective Writing Center (EWC). The EWC will provide 4-6 areas that may need improvement.
Step 5: Submit the paper in the Assignment Folder (The assignment submitted to the Assignment Folder will be considered the student’s final product and therefore ready for grading by the instructor. It is incumbent upon the student to verify the assignment is the correct submission. No exceptions will be considered by the instructor).
How to Set Up the Paper
Create a Word or Rich Text Format (RTF) document that is single-spaced, with double spaces between paragraphs. Use 12-point font. The final product will be 6-8 pages in length excluding the title page and reference page. Write clearly and concisely.
Completing the Project
In order to complete this project, you will want to first read the module, Learn How to Support What You Write, as this assignment requires you to use the course readings and research to support what you write. Also,
Read the grading rubric for the project. Use the grading rubric while completing the project to ensure all requirements are met that will lead to the highest possible grade.
Third person writing is required. Third person means that there are no words such as “I, me, my, we, or us” (first person writing), nor is there use of “you or your” (second person writing). If uncertain how to write in the third person, view this link:
Contractions are not used in business writing, so do not use them.
Paraphrase and do not use direct quotation marks. Paraphrase means you do not use more than four consecutive words from a source document. Instead, put a passage from a source document into your own words and attribute the passage to the source document. Not using direct quotation marks means that there should be no passages with quotation marks and instead the source material is paraphrased as stated above. Note that a reference within a reference list cannot exist without an associated in-text citation and vice versa.
Provide the page or paragraph number (required) when using in-text citations. If using the eBook, use Lumen Candela followed by the Section title and paragraph number.
You are expected to use the case scenario, Biotech Company Profile, and weekly course material to develop the analysis and support the reasoning. The expectation is that you provide a robust use of the course material and demonstrate thorough research of the cosmetic industry. The only external source material used is in relation to the research on the cosmetic industry. Material used from a source document must be cited and referenced. A reference within a reference list cannot exist without an associated in-text citation and vice versa.
Use a wide array of the course reading as well as sources from your research. The research should focus on information related to the cosmetic industry.
As you can see from the instructions for the Final Project, students will be creating a polished report that encompasses all elements of the Report.
As the instructions indicate, students will be providing the “Human Resources Plan” which is the final substantive portion of your Report.
Then, as the instructions indicate, students will work on merging all prior elements into a Master Document. When merging the elements, please remove the introductory paragraph that was written for Paper #1 and Paper #2. They are no longer necessary. However, after all substantive elements of the Report are merged into the Master Document, students will write an Executive Summary. The Executive Summary must not be more than one page (single-spaced, of course) and you should be prepared to write more than one paragraph. Please do NOT try to incorporate all of your Executive Summary into a single paragraph.
As the instructions indicate, the Master Document will look like this; please note that I’m requesting that students add a small conclusion at the end of the report.
Section I – Executive Summary
Insert text here
Section II – Goals and Objectives
Insert text here
Section III – Competitive Analysis
Insert text here
Section IV – Description of Organizational Structure and Culture
Insert text here
Section V – Breakdown of Product and Services
Insert text here
Section VI – Communications Plan
Insert text here
Section VII – Human Resources Plan
Insert text here
Section VIII – Conclusion
Insert brief conclusion here (3-5 sentences that wrap things up)
If you are a student that elected to create charts that facilitated your discussion of Sections II and III, please remove those charts from the text of your report and include them as Appendices at the end.
Obviously, students created an organizational chart for Section IV. This also should be removed from the body of your report and included as an Appendix.
The entire report (properly formatted) must not exceed 11 pages (single-spaced). Because all charts have been removed and added to the end of your Report as appendices, students should be able to condense the paper into the 11 pages. Obviously, the title page and reference pages will not “count” in your page limit. STUDENTS WILL NOT RECEIVE CREDIT FOR ANY INFORMATION THAT APPEARS ON PAGE 12.
Please carefully review the instructions for this assignment and the grading rubric. Then, after you’ve gotten everything pulled together and appropriately formatted, read the instructions and grading rubric again just to make sure that what you are submitting reflects the instructions.
Course material:
Theme 1: How does a manager measure the success of a plan: the relationship between planning and controlling?
• Control: read all sections for Control Process, Scorecard Management, and Managing Control
• Human Resource Management: Core Functions of Human Resource Management – read section Human Resource Development
• The Control Function of Management
• Balanced Scorecard Basics
• What is Human Resource Management (Beyond Hiring and Firing)
• Developing a capacity for organizational resilience through strategic human resource management
• 3 Major Relationships Between Planning and Controlling Functions of Management
Theme 2: Traditionally, Control in the workplace required the manager to be onsite with their employees to ensure that the functions of the organization can be monitored and controlled. In the 21st century, this is no longer always the case. Today’s manager will need to be able to control the functions of the company/division with their employees in remote configurations.
• Globalization and the Boundaryless Organization
• Ten Ways to Manage a Virtual Team
• Managing Cross Cultural Remote Teams | Ricardo Fernandez | TEDxIESEBarcelona
• Managing a Virtual Workplace
• Five things every virtual manager should do
• Human Resource Management

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