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choose read one of books listed in the required text section and prepare a book review based on the guide lines attached.
You must read one of the following books for a book review.
1.Meifuaya Wilson & Ntirkana Jackson. “The Last Maasai Warriors”.
2.Lemmon Tzemach Gayle, “The Dressmaker of Khair Khana”.
3.Korn Fadumo. “Born in the Big Rains
4.Boo Katherine. “behind the beautiful forever’s”.
5.Corban Addison. A Harvest of Thorn

1.Justify this book for this class. How does it apply to this course? How is it relevant?2.Describe the strengths of the book. Give examples. If you liked the book, give your reasons. If not, why not?
3.Be critical of the book, what are its weaknesses or shortcomings? Where can you take issue with the book’s/ author’s message?
4.Search the writer’s thinking. Discuss one of the assumptions the author makes. What are your thoughts on the subject? Elaborate.
5.Discuss at least one, but not limited to one, important idea you leaned from reading this book. Think hard, a new view, idea or notion is important here.
6.If; you had a chance to visit with the author what would say to him/her? What list of questions would you take with you?
7.Find a good quote. Quote this portion of the book. Why is this quote important to you? This might be a part worth remembering or thinking about or sharing with someone.
8.In your own way tell me about the book. Do not repeat the questions above. Be yourself and share the book with me.

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