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Explain how the global supply-chain functions of (a) logistics and (b) purchasing can be used to strategically leverage the global supply chains for a manufacturing company producing mobile phones. A chemical firm is considering how best to supply the world market for sulfuric acid. 20 million to construct and requires a moderately skilled work force. 30 billion. The tariffs prevailing in this industry are moderate. Should the firm favor concentrated manufacturing or decentralized manufacturing? What kind of location(s) should the firm seek for its plant(s)? What makes China such an attractive production location for Philips? Are there other locations that share the same characteristics? Philips wants to eventually turn China into a global supply base from which its products will be exported around the world. What insurance and finance options are available to US small exporters to reduce payment risk? FCX Systems’ entry into foreign markets was not an easy one.

Reflect on the challenges facing small companies like FCX Systems as they pursue foreign opportunities. Why did FCX believe that foreign markets could be more profitable than its domestic market? Discuss why 3M initially enters markets on a small scale. How does the firm’s strategy fit with the philosophy that exporting is not an end in itself, but merely a step on the road toward establishment of foreign production? Unfortunately, in this case study and problem, there is a war on, and Jane is in the military, an officer in the Air Force. And the situation just gets worse and worse. If this were a real case there would be many problems and decisions bombarding Jane. What are the most important questions or problems? What are the facts? And, can folks see how the Rules of Critical Living: Know the Context, Know Yourself, Keep Your Cool, Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously all apply?

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