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Where this is not possible your handwriting must be neat and legible. You will be penalised if the essay is illegible. It is recommended to check that your spelling and grammar are correct, especially the spelling of unfamiliar terms or site names. Remember to use the spell check. Check dates and remember the differences between BP and BC or AD. Use of illustrations, tables etc.: Illustrations should only be used to demonstrate your argument; they should not be included simply for the sake of pretty pictures. Setting out quotes: If your quote is short (2 lines or less) use quotation marks. For example: As Mellars (1998, 232) stated “The question of large-scale migrations of red deer between summer and winter territories remains controversial”. If longer than this, start a new line and indent it as a paragraph in its own right; do not use quotation marks. Where words from a quote are omitted, the omission should be indicated, with the use of three dots ‚Ķ Each quote, whether in quote marks or indented, must be referenced.

Remember a good essay never consists of a series of ‘quotes’ strung together by a few sentences, even if properly referenced and set between an introduction and conclusion. Bibliography : At the end of your essay you must provide a bibliography for all the publications you have referenced in alphabetical order by author’s surname. If an author has produced more than one article per year these should be differentiated as, for instance, Bradley 1984a and 1984b, in both the text and the bibliography. Do not include reference to your lecture notes in this. Books: author’s name, initials, year of publication, title of book (italics if typed or underlined if hand-written), place of publication, publisher. Murphy, S. 1998. Wonders of the Past. Periodical/journal articles: author, initials, year, title, journal name (italics if typed or underlined if hand-written), volume number and pages. Murphy, S. 1985. Megaliths in Mayo. Articles in edited books and conference proceedings: author(s), initials, year of publication, title of article, editor, book title. Murphy, S. 1988. The meaning of rock art. In P.F. Cullen (ed.) Aspects of Prehistory, 24-29. New York: Academic Press. Web-pages/Electronic publications: author(s), date, initials, title of serial/page, volume number, pages. Availability statement (date of accession if needed). Vince A, 1997. Publishing archaeology on the Web: who reads this stuff anyway? Put essays in the assignment box outside the Archaeology Department Office. Remember late essays will have marks deducted (if you have problems meeting a deadline consult the lecturer or course director before the submission date). If you wish to have your essay corrected anonymously, please submit a second title page without your name, but with all the other details.

Essay writers services are one of the most in-demand skills currently. Along with the development of content services essay has become an integral part of the writing skill. Since essay writing is widely used and tested skill set for students in schools, colleges, and universities, easy essay writers have become popular. Whether it is the academic purpose or web content, the demand for the essay is not decreasing anytime soon. Similarly, expert essay writers and services are equally in demand. Essays cover varieties of aspects irrespective of the desired subjects. There are arguments about the attributes of a good essay writer and also gain proficiency in the skill. What makes a good essay writer? Well, the first step always starts with having knowledge of good essay. In order to gain the knowledge essay writers freshman have to read through all possible good examples. Reading sub-consciously develops the writing style or pattern.

One may seem to copy first (plagiarism is not accepted) but soon would find the own rhythm of writing. However, one must analyze during readings other expert essay writers and their examples. The example of work and evaluation helps to create the basic foundation of essay writing profession. Lastly, broadsheet newspapers are an excellent source of professional level essays. The opinions can be easily analyzed to understand how points are supported by evidence. Essay writers for hire are paid for their excellent vocabulary and word utility skills. A professional essayist would set the mood and tone for the use of words. Therefore, vocabulary is another pillar of a successful essay writer. A good way to acquire vocabulary set is to subscribe word-a-day emails from Merriam-Webster or other such pages. A continuous reference to the dictionary is another effective method of acquiring knowledge of word and its use. An essay writer geek is capable of producing different copies of an essay on the same topic with new use of words in each case. It is to be remembered that vocabulary is the building block of the essay and differentiates the best from the rest.

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