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ISB essays are crucial components in the comprehensive application process for admission to ISB (Indian School of Business). The members in the admission committee deem these essays an avenue to evaluate your candidature and what you can contribute to the student group by virtue of your personality. Unlike last time, the video essay has been ruled out this time. Before you set yourself with working on your ISB essay, it will be highly helpful to get a copy of ‘Beyond the MBA Hype. Though it is not directly connected with ISB, it will enable you with a solid grounding on what you must and what you must not expect from a MBA course and career. If you succeed in giving the admission committee a strong indication that you have made enough ground work before writing the essay, you will end up leaving a good impression in them. The word limit for each of these essays is 300 words maximum. Due to the constraint of word limit, you must be able to make the effective use of language in your presentation. There are a few things you need to know regarding managing your ISB essays component.

ISB Essay 1 is meant to know the unique skill sets, knowledge and attitudes that distinguish you from others. You can elaborate this with two examples that set you apart. At the outset, count on your major strengths and accomplishments. Cull out the ones that can present the diverse aspects of your personality. You can mix and match both personal as well as professional achievements. When you present them on the paper, devise a cohesive and holistic strategy. On the whole, you must leave an impression that you are capable of creating a mutually beneficial environment in the class. ISB Essay 2is about how the ISB PGP is able to tie-in with your career goals. Present a logical and well-backed career choice after MBA. You must be able to bring out how you will effectively invest on the various skills you will acquire in the course to further your career goals.

Mention your knowledge about USPs of ISB and show which of these could help you with your career goals. You must be able to justify why an MBA will be the most appropriate choice for you at this stage. ISB Essay 3 is meant to showcase your professional or personal achievement. Choose a highly illustrative achievement and discuss the key learning that you derived from it. This segment can be used to discuss your most important achievements and strengths that you have not mentioned earlier. Through this segment, you should be able to generate a good amount of interest in your profile. Some of the most useful topics that you can cover here include your extra-curricular achievement, social work, hobbies or interests. ISB Optional Essay gives you a chance to provide some useful additional information that can add further weightage to your candidature to the ISB. First you must be able to make a judicious choice of whether you would use or not use this. It is rather not wise to dump something that you have not been able to present elsewhere. On the other hand, if you strongly feel you need to add some strong stories that will highlight your special traits and qualities, then you must not miss it out.

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