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Each parent expects from his child to perform better in examination so they can obtain good grades in final exam. Many students put their best efforts but some of them still fail or get poor grades because of not using proper study methods. This article contains five smart tips for those students who want to perform excellent. Students and Parents would be benefited by reading these quick and smart tips. As a student every child is expected to achieve higher grades in his exam. As competition is increasing students have to struggle with lots of study homework, dissertations, various assignment and exams like they are machines designed to do everything. Luckily I got my teachers guidance during my study periods; they also instructed me how to achieve good grades with less study. I would like to share these ideas here with you. Classes are study place where you learn and understand new topics. There you meet with other students, professors. You can discuss your study problems as well as getting assignment help if you have any.

Moreover your regular presence is a way to mentoring relationship with your teachers that is also beneficial for you. Each professor tries to solve his students problems but they prefer to recognized faces or who are keen to participate in study discussions. You may win their heart by joining their classes regularly as well as attracting their attention by your performance. It does not matter how much you know, you should always be appear in their classes to get connected with them so they can include you in their most favorite students list. You may visit them in lunch hours, after class or whenever it is convenient to both of you to get assignment help in case you are unable to solve a question. Smart work wins over hard work; study is also not an exception. Definitely you can do harder work than others but it does not guarantee to gain better grades.

Grade depends on your personal efforts, intelligence, practice and understanding of subject topics. You should use smart methods to study like studying in groups, acquiring ability to read quickly, better memory, etc. You can discuss with your professors, school counselors to know more advanced methods to make study easier than ever. Time is the key of success but it cannot be reverse. Once it lost, it lost forever so make a proper study time table with appropriate time allotment to all subjects. Remember fresh mind is also a pre-requisite for good studies so do not forget to add some fun times in your study schedule. You can planned your time table into four divisions (i) study homework (ii) learning and remembering the course (iii) lunch time (iv) time for other works. If you have not enough time to do study you may take online assignment help to finish your homework on time and to save your time. Often students use to avoid testing their skills in a self-test but intelligent student cannot afford it. Being a test taker helps you to know your own strengths and weakness hence they do not prepare for final exams. You may take yourself a test or can request your friends to asking questions from study syllabus. Moreover your parents, subject teachers can also help you to examine your knowledge in a particular subject. Taking your own test will guide you for further study so you can get better grades in final exams.

The broken window does not create new activity, just different activity. People see the activity that takes place. The broken window fallacy is perpetuated in many forms. Whenever job creation or retention is the primary objective I call it the job-counting fallacy. Economics majors understand the non-intuitive reality that real progress comes from job destruction. It once took 90 percent of our population to grow our food. Now it takes 3 percent. Pardon me, Willie, but are we worse off because of the job losses in agriculture? The would-have-been farmers are now college professors and computer gurus. So instead of counting jobs, we should make every job count. We will occasionally hit a soft spot when we have a mismatch of supply and demand in the labor market. But that is temporary. Don’t become a Luddite and destroy the machinery, or become a protectionist and try to grow bananas in New York City.

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