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Water crises in Basra

  • Washington Post Article on Basra :

This is the newspaper article that you will use for the common assessment.  Read the article and analyze the strengths and weaknesses – look at the instructions for the common assessment for exactly what you should be analyzing.
Write a focused, analytical paper, on the following topic. Which is ( Iraqi city of Basra seethes over water crisis)  . Your goal will be to critically evaluate the article in your paper, answering the following questions:

  1. What is the argument of the author? What are his or her biases? How can you tell? 
  2. What part of the argument do you agree with? Why? 
  3. What do you disagree with? Why? 
  4. How would a scholarly understanding of the issue change the perspective of the article? 

Your paper should be 2000-2500 words in length, in the APA format. It should have a thesis and main points, supporting your analysis with specific and relevant evidence from academic sources in a well-organized manner. Be sure to use at least 5 written sources to support your argument.
Introduction :  You should summarize the article, and mention the 4 problems that the writer show it, and include What is happening in Basra?, Who is involved?, What are the issues? Also be specific and list ALL the things that the protesters are angry about After that mention what did I choose ( the problem which is water crisis in Basra) and why did I choose this problem? And don’t forget to Reference the newspaper.
– Discuss the problem you choose from different sources
– Answer the above questions
– Explain why it is important to the middle east and to you?
–  how this problem effect the whole middle east in general ?
What else can you add to the essay? 

  1. the effects of 13 years of war and make a connection to Syria?
  2. that the issue you chose is going to be a HUGE issue in the future?


  • And Give examples when you can – from all over the Middle East.

Analysis: Questions to ask yourself:
what will happen in the future – like 20 years from now?
Does the shortage of water have the power to start a war?

  • Again, use examples when you can

Tiny/short conclusion that wraps things up but DOES NOT INTRODUCE ANY NEW INFORMATION
Sources : ( I will give you 3 sources and you need to bring 2 more)





  • The article Washington Post Article on Basra

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