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These activities were not always fun, but they did help us gain the level of knowledge we possess today. Following is my TEFL course Language Skills Essay. I received a perfect score from the TEFL instructor. If you are currently in a TEFL certification course, it may help you to follow the basic structure and talking points of my essay. The four language skills are: reading, writing, speaking and listening. Which language skill do you think should be taught first? Teaching English as a Foreign Language For DummiesI have used this book as a reference countless times. I purchased the Kindle version to have on my iPad and iPhone so it’s always with me. The book is a good read for those who are considering becoming an EFL teacher. After the initial read, it serves as a really thorough reference. For example, it gives great advice on classroom management and what subjects to teach to each level of student.

This is especially helpful if you plan on teaching English independently from any educational company or school. As a TEFL teacher, we must go to great pains to create well-balanced lesson plans to support our primary goal: enabling non-native speakers to communicate effectively in English. With that in mind, it is important to know and apply the four basic language skills of English, or any other language: speaking, listening, reading and writing. A consensus within that TEFL field holds that English should be taught using the four skills in the order used during first language acquisition: listening, speaking, reading and finally, writing. This theory makes sense. As babies, before we can speak, we listen, learning from our parents how to form sounds and words. Later, we began to speak and still later, we learned how to read and write. The four language skills are divided into two categories: speaking and writing are productive skills; listening and reading are receptive skills.

I feel that teaching the language skills by dividing them into their productive and receptive groups is counterintuitive. I support giving priority to the aural skills (listening and speaking) and adding the written skills (reading and writing) as the students progress in their learning. This is not to say that I would teach only one set of skills (aural vs written) at a time. The goal is communication: we must strike a balance and teach all four skills, in varying degrees, at the same time. Listening is the first and perhaps the most important skill to develop. Consider listening to be the foundation on which we can build the rest of the learner’s English language “house.” in addition to helping to develop our speaking skills; listening helps develop writing and reading skills. Without being able to hear phonemes, we can’t form the words or learn proper pronunciation. Listening comprehension should be our goal. We want students to be able to understand what they hear.

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