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One would also certainly look for folks in the unit with experience for help. Teamwork would be all important. But, Jane is still in command, and must make decisions that must have a sound rationale. And she must be able to provide accurate information to the best of her ability if she is asked for it. Here we are going to consider a decision that will require applying deduction. Please note here that quantitative skills and knowledge are very important in the deliberations. Questions about calculations that will be needed to solve the problem are provided below and in the Study Room; the class as a whole should work on these questions. Let’s take note of relationships between quantitative skills and our deductive reasoning skills. • Currently TEN (10) C-130J-30 aircraft are available. Each plane can carry a maximum of 8 pallets. • The Maximum Allowable Payload for these aircraft is: 44,000 pounds.

• The Maximum Normal Payload is 36,000 pounds. • The range of this aircraft with a Normal Payload (36,000 pounds or less) is 2,417 miles. • The range of this aircraft with a Maximum Allowable Load is 1,956 miles (let’s assume that the aircraft has a range of 2000 miles with a Load of 42,000 pounds). • 500 pallets have arrived, material sorely needed at two bases in the Middle East. • Each pallet weighs 6,000 pounds. • BASE A is 2200 miles away. • BASE B is 1800 miles away. • Unfortunately, the airs crews assigned to the base are thin. There are 5 Basic Air Crews and 5 Augmented Air Crews. • According to Air Force Regulations, the maximum Flight Duty Time of a Basic Air Crew is 16 hours before they require Crew Rest of at least 12 hours. • The maximum Flight Duty Time of an Augmented Air Crew is 24 hours, before they require Crew Rest of at least 12 hours. • It takes, on average, about 30 minutes to load or unload the pallets, refuel the planes, and get them airborne again.

• Also, assume that there are adequate ground crews at the home base, and Base A and Base B, to load and unload all TEN aircraft simultaneously. • Also, assume that the pallets cannot be dismantled. YOUR ORDERS: Your orders are to ship All The High Priority Pallets as soon as possible. 250 high priority pallets to BASE A and 250 high priority pallets to BASE B. Deliveries to these two BASES have EQUAL PRIORITY. Problem 1: What is the most efficient way to deliver the High Priority Pallets to BASE A and BASE B? Describe your decision and your rationale. BASE A and BASE B regarding layovers for CREW REST. Your rationale should provide an explanation for why this plan is the most efficient way to deliver the pallets. Problem 2: You get a call from an high ranking officer at the central command. PROBLEM 2: How long will it take to deliver the High Priority Pallets to BASE A and BASE B using the most efficient methods? THE ANSWER TO THIS PROBLEM CAN BE PROVIDED IN HOURS OR DAYS AND HOURS.

You need not provide your calculations in the assignment. BUT, students are required to go to the STUDY ROOM and participate in group solving problem. Consider your classmates to be your team helping you to figure this out. PROBLEM SOLVING GUIDE AND QUANTITATIVE SKILL APPLICATION (THESE QUESTIONS ARE ALSO PROVIDED IN THE STUDY ROOM. Here are some key questions that need answers. These will all involve simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Following these questions will help you solve the problems. QUESTION 1: How many pallets can a C-130J-30 carry with a Normal Payload? QUESTION 2: How many pallets can a C-130J-30 carry with a Maximum Allowable Load? QUESTION 3: How long would a round trip to BASE A and back be (not including the load and refueling time at your base)? For continuous operations, in your deductions and calculations, you would include the 30 minutes it takes to load and refuel the planes at your base. QUESTION 4: How long would a round trip to BASE B and back be (not including the load and refueling time at your base)? QUESTION 5: With answers to QUESTIONS 3 and 4 you can deduce HOW LONG it takes for planes to deliver the largest loads possible to BASE A and BASE B and return to your BASE. QUESTION 6: You can also calculate the maximum number of deliveries the flight crews can make before they take their Crew Rest.

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