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If calls must be screened, “He/she has just stepped out may I get your name and number? ” would be more courteous. The best way to avoid someone asking you “Who is calling? ” is to state your name. “This is John Doe with Deskjet Inc.” Another important rule to follow during phone conversation is to keep your call short and to the point. When you call someone at work it is keeping him or her from doing their job. A Thank-You Letter: Your Last Impression Writing thank-you letters to your customers or associates is another aspect of proper business etiquette. The key in writing thank-you letters is similar to making phone calls. When writing thank-you letters do not waste the person’s time by using wordy phrases that are not needed. Be precise and sincere in your gratitude. For example, “Thank you for your help with our fund raiser it was greatly appreciated.” By using specific references you avoid rambling and wasting the person’s time. Common Courtesy in the Workplace While working in the office it is important to use proper business etiquette.

The main complaint by secretaries is that their boss ignores them until the boss requests something. This leaves the secretary feeling unappreciated and belittled. A boss should acknowledge people as soon as he/she walks in the office. Common courtesy and personal manners can go a long way in making people feel appreciated. Proper Dining Etiquette for the Business World In a world that is fast paced, it seems business luncheons have become a mainstay in conducting business. In transacting with a client, the lunch is still a meeting. One that requires planning, taking care of details, and making sure the lunch is as pleasant as can be, which includes showing proper etiquette and manners. Though it may seem that our eating habits and table manners would go unnoticed in an every day eating environment, the business luncheon pays close attention to the details. One shows great poise in the office, in the planning meeting, and when giving a presentation and therefore, the poise should be extended at the business luncheon.

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