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Essays are written for different purposes, and all students are expected to encounter this at least once during their school life. While some students find it easy, others find challenging. Typing a great paper demands prior preparation as well as practice to perfect which a majority of the former group of students ascribes to. Research is also one of the most downplayed variations in essay writing. To deliver a good quality assignment, research must be involved and at a higher degree. Before beginning the writing process, a writer needs first to have a pre-determined goal. Writing must serve a purpose which must be clearly outlined before you begin the process. Other factors, like the audience as well as the subject matter of the essay, also play important roles in how the final article should be. To inform. When you write to inform, the main goal is to provide the audience with facts and information that they do not have. Here, the writer should avoid giving their opinion on the subject matter and provide readers with new material or evidence that enhances their topic.

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