SE 5010

This week, you will write a two-part paper in which you explore the topics of procedural safeguards and the process for establishing eligibility for special education services.For Part I, review the resources for this week, including the sample special education procedural safeguards document. You may also wish to locate the procedural safeguards provided by a state educational agency of your choosing. Then, in one to two pages, address the following:Include an introductory paragraph orienting the reader to the topic of special education procedural safeguards and identifying the contents of your paper. In this introduction, describe the significance of the safeguards and explain why the safeguards are included in the IDEA.Identify any three primary procedural safeguards of your choosing. For each safeguard, write a detailed paragraph describing the purpose of the safeguard and why it is important. Include a description of the negative consequences that could occur should this safeguard be ignored.For Part II, consider the 10 steps involved in the special education process as well as the various procedural safeguards. Respond to the following two scenarios. Each scenario describes a violation of procedural safeguards that occurred during the special education process. You will include three elements in your response to each scenario:Describe the specific step in the special education process where the issue occurred.Describe the procedural safeguard in question.Recommend one or two steps the school could have taken to avoid violating a procedural safeguard.Scenario A: Michelle is a 14-year old student enrolled in the seventh grade and has attended her neighborhood school since she started Kindergarten. Michelle has identified with a learning disability two years ago and has received special education services since that time. Her father recently accepted a job in a neighboring state and Michelle has been enrolled in her new school. Michelle’s parents received a letter in the mail with an invitation to attend an upcoming IEP meeting. Michelle’s mother attended the meeting. After the meeting, she asked the principal if she could have a copy of the school’s procedural safeguards. The principal said they did not have a copy, and did not offer to get one for her. (Violation: right to receive a copy of procedural safeguards)Scenario B: Omar is a 9-year old, fourth grade student. At the end of first grade, Omar’s teacher expressed concern over his difficulty mastering grade-level reading and math skills and discussed her concerns with Omar’s second grade teacher. Omar’s second grade teacher noted similar concerns and after the first quarter of school, discussed a referral for a special education evaluation with the school psychologist and Omar’s parents. The school psychologist described the evaluation process and indicated the evaluation did not necessarily mean Omar would be identified with a disability or placed in special education.  Omar’s parents refused to provide consent for the evaluation. In third grade, Omar’s teacher again initiated a special education evaluation, and again Omar’s parents refused to provide consent. Omar’s academic difficulties continued into fourth grade and his parents were contacted once again to attend a meeting to discuss an evaluation for special education. At the meeting, the school psychologist outlined Omar’s learning difficulties documented over the past 3 years. His teacher also noted in addition to academic delays, Omar is now often disrupting instruction in class. The school psychologist informed Omar’s parents that because they refuse to provide consent, and there is a history of academic and now behavioral concerns interfering with Omar’s progress in school, they will continue with the evaluation without consent from a parent or legal guardian. (violation: due process)Length: 3-5 pages, not including title and reference pagesReferences: Include a minimum of three scholarly or credible resources.The completed assignment should address all of the assignment requirements, exhibit evidence of concept knowledge, and demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the content presented in the course. The writing should integrate scholarly resources, reflect academic expectations and current APA standards, and adhere to Northcentral University’s Academic Integrity Policy.


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