Who was responsible for the collapse of Rana Plaza, and why do you think so?
June 20, 2019
description of two ways the guidelines in Walden University’s IRB document may impact the selection of a research population
June 20, 2019

Select two leadership theories

  • Select two leadership theories discussed in this course, and give a brief summary of the findings in your research.( last 8 weeks) (If you need to be reminded or clarification, please ask)
  • Provide a critical analysis of scholarly works on this theory (use at least 3–5 scholarly works).
  • Identify conflicts or criticism of the theories found in your work.
  • Determine if there are gaps in the literature, and propose the potential for further scholarly research topics.
  • Compare and contrast different perspectives on the theories.
  • Summarize your own perspective on the theories.

Use APA format. 5 page minimum (not including title or reference page).


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