service project learning

The purpose of this project is to bring you face to face with the reality of poverty and hunger. This project will give you an opportunity to become involved in your community and better understand the local ‘face’ of hunger.

The report should be 500-700 words long (2-3 pages type-written, double-spaced). Use your own words (Turnitin score less than 30%).

In your write-up, include

  1. The mission of the agency. Describe the target population. (5 pts)
  2. Reflections of your experiences each time you went to the agency (orientation, training, jobs you did). Label these Day1 (__hr), Day 2 (__hr), etc. Each time you volunteer, write a paragraph on your reflections for that day. (15 pts)
  3. How did your experiences change your understanding of hunger and poverty in the US?(10 pts)

Other information you may include: why and how the agency started, who funds the agency, how long has it been operating, how social and cultural concerns affect the way the agency operates, how the projects of the agency impact the nutritional status of the target population.


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