Should School System Teaching Students Financial Literacy

Annotated Bibliography Assignment

Assignment Overview

For this assignment, you will be required to: locate, select, cite, and analyze eight (8) sources on your assigned topic. The total number of sources on your annotated bibliography should be eight (8). One source must be qualitative, one must be quantitative, and one must be mixed methods Sources must be scholarly, peer reviewed journal articles or book chapters. create APA citations for each source write an annotation (1-5 sentences) under each entry

Please see the course syllabus for due dates

Annotation Requirements include 1-5 sentences provide a 1 clause summary of the source content. explain how this source is relevant  

To determine the relevance of the source to your topic or thesis statement (item 3), respond to the following questions: What kind of information does the source provide? (original research, review, or meta-analysis?) What are the parameters of the study? (e.g., is it a qualitative case study? a quantitative double-blind trial? a review of existing research? What is the n (if applicable)? What are the results of the study? Do they demonstrate statistical significance (p ≤ 0.05)? Who is the intended audience for the source? (e.g. other researchers, practitioners, general audience) 

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