Sleep Dilemma Analysis

Practitioners in the field encounter clients who are struggling with real-life situations and issues. It is critical that practitioners are able to intervene and help clients understand and identify their disorders, and the ways in which they can be treated. In this case study exercise, you will be able to conduct research on a common disorder, discuss possible interventions, and discuss how faith affects this disorder.

Scenario: Sarah’s Sleep Dilemma

You have a client/patient named Sarah, who is struggling with sleep issues. She is only able to sleep for 4–5 hours per night. She falls asleep easily, but awakens after 5 hours, and finds herself unable to fall back asleep after that. In her life, she is struggling with many challenges at home, work and school, and she finds it difficult to shut down when bedtime comes. Sarah is experiencing a very common disorder — insomnia. As a result, many areas of her life have been affected: school, work, and relationships.

Assignment Instructions
Research the insomnia disorder.
Describe the typical symptoms of insomnia.
Describe the disorder’s physiological impact.
Does gender and culture play a role in the disorder?
Describe one medical intervention used to treat insomnia.
Describe one psychological intervention used to treat insomnia.
Analyze possible ethical implications to the medical and psychological interventions described earlier.
Analyze faith’s effect on the disorder.
What role does faith play?
Does faith help or intensify the disorder?

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