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Myers, David. Social Psychology, (any edition after the 8th edition will do). McGraw Hill Publishing. You can get the latest copy from the bookstore or you may find a used or older version/edition online.
Final Paper:
Find one or more cultural artifacts, which can be an article (or editorial) from a magazine, a chapter or selection from a book, a scene from a movie or TV show, a cartoon, a TV commercial, etc. (i.e., you can be creative) that nicely illustrates at least ONE (it can be more than one) of the social psychological concepts we have covered in class. You may use a small collection of scenes, articles, ads, or whatever—it doesn’t have to be just one artifact. You are then write (approx 4-6 pages, double spaced, 1-inch margins) a short paper which gives a brief literature review of the way that social psychological concept(s) have been researched by social psychologists (or even others in other disciplines), and how they have been applied in real world settings, and how your personally connect with it. Try to be clear and thorough in your writing. You don’t need to cover every study that has used the concept, just the major ones or ones that interest you. Really try to discuss it as best you can and show that you have an academic grasp of it. I recommend that you have your writing proof-read by someone else. BE CREATIVE!!


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