Social Work Practice: Individuals Family, Groups – custom papers

Social Work Practice: Individuals Family, Groups
ASSIGNMENT 4: Analysis of Assessment, Intervention and Evaluation Skills with Families (20 %) Due week 14. Students will demonstrate the following 2015 EPAS competencies: 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9
Read all of the background information on the family members/ chose on role to assume as the social worker and address the needs of that clients and the family systems work. Do not act as an
individual worker to all of the members of the family.
This assignment should be 6 – 7 pages, follow APA rules and use 12 point font and standard margins. Your paper should include ideas from the required reading.
This assignment requires you to demonstrate your understanding of social work practice with families, including the skills used to engage with all family members, the ability to understand the
family’s needs, strengths, and resources, and the ability to plan for practice evaluation. Select a family from a case study or film from class and address the following: • Discuss the two-client
concept and its relevance for effective practice with families. • Discuss how you would engage the family and the skills required to effectively assess the needs of the family and how to
• Select a theoretical framework discussed this semester and briefly summarize in your own words what it means to work with a family using this approach.
• Reflect on the philosophy, approaches, and assumption of this approach.
• Discuss and provide examples of the skills related to the beginning, middle (demand for work skills) and termination phases of practice? Use and cite your text book for a reference.
• Discuss how you would work from a strengths based frame with this family.
• Discuss the idea of reframing and its clinical significance for working with families. Use the family you selected for the assignment and provide a clear example to support your answer.
• Consider the value in planning for outcome evaluation from the beginning of your intervention. Based on your assessment and plan, describe the client’s goals and your interventions to achieve
• Briefly describe a specific method for evaluating the work you would do with this family. Would you use a standardized tool, something you would develop yourself (with the client), other
available data, or some other tool for your practice evaluation?
• Is the tool culturally sensitive? How would your method of practice evaluation help you to observe client progress, and to consider alternative methods of intervention as needed?
• In what ways did this assignment reinforce or add to your understanding of work with families? Are there ways in which you could use this knowledge in your current or past field work?


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