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Describe how to formulate and present the business case for technology investments. Making the business case is the process of building and presenting the set of arguments that show that an information system investment is adding value to an organization. In order to make a convincing presentation, you should be specific about the benefits this investment will provide for the organization. Choosing the wrong measures can yield a negative decision about a beneficial system.
yield a negative decision about a beneficial system. 2. Describe the systems development life cycle and its various phases. The development of information systems follows a process called the systems development life cycle. The SDLC is a process that first identifies the need for a system and then defines the processes for designing, developing, and maintaining an information system. The process is very structured and formal and requires the active involvement of managers and users. The SDLC has four phases: systems planning and selection, systems analysis, systems design, and systems implementation and operation. A variety of other approaches are available to enhance the development process for different types of systems and contexts.

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