special education course

Show your creativity!

You have learned that it is important to consider THE WHOLE CHILD, looking across the domains of • physical development; • cognitive/linguistic development; • social/emotional development.

You have also learned that there are both sources of strength and potential dangers from both the childs genetic inheritance (nature) and from the child’s family/environment (nurture).

You have learned about neurodevelopment and the importance of emphasizing a child’s strengths and demystifying a child’s struggles.

Select a concept from this class, and illustrate something that you’d REALLY like to remember! This is wide open and a chance for you to focus on something that really interested you in ANY of the areas that we have covered. What really made an important impact ON YOU as a memorable idea or concept? Please represent that idea in any format that you’d like.

Draw a picture, write a poem, take a photograph, make a collage, write a story, sing a song, make a video…..

Please (1) attach your creative representation here; and (2) attach an explanation of what it is and why it is important. Please be sure to use YOUR NAME as the name of your file when you upload it to Canvas. Thanks!

You can write a poem about any topic from the special education field (the professor listed some examples above that you can pick). Such as, cognitive development, Social Emotional Development, Physical Development and the sources of strengths and potential dangers from both the childs genetic inheritance (nature) and from the child’s family/environment (nurture).

After writing the poem, please write a explanation as to what it is and why is it important in about one page.

No plagarism please!


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