The goal of this assignment is to improve our understanding of consumer motives behind sports consumption. You will choose a sport, then conduct research to identify key motives influencing consumption of your chosen sport. Finally, by posting your work online, we can compare different motives for different types of sports.

First, choose a sport. BASKETBALL

Second, locate any one (1) academic journal article investigating consumer motives (e.g., achievement, escape, family, etc.) behind consumption (playing, participating in, attending, watching) the sport of your choice. If possible, try to choose an article investigating motives of sports spectator (rather than sport participants, tourists, etc.). It is highly likely that you find an article dealing with consumer motives in a very specific context (e.g., spectators motives for attending women’s Division-I college basketball), which is fine.

Third, discuss key findings of the study (e.g., primary motives behind attending a professional basketball game). Also, please discuss the practical implications of these findings.

Finally, try to offer some comments as to what motives may be most important among (future) consumers of your sport (product).


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