sql database administration

part 1

Assignment 11 Dropbox

Attached Files:

  • File Assignment 11.pdf Click for more options (17.953 KB)

Follow the instructions in the Assignment 11 document attached

  1. Make sure to follow all steps (Note: Tables and Columns have spaces in the document for readability, do not add spaces to your table and column name)
  2. Document your steps on a word document and take screenshots of the results, label and explain the screenshots
  3. Make sure to perform these task on your VM
  4. Due 12/02/2018 5:00PM

i will provide you a copy of my frind work please make sure u do all and do not copy her at all

part 2

Discuss real-life examples of deadlock, starvation and race. Do not use computer science or computer system environment examples for this discussion forum. Also, do not use examples already stated on the book.

Give at least ONE (1) example of each (that is, one example of deadlock, one starvation and one race example). Be as specific as possible when explaining your answers.

Additional Resources – Podcast: Deadlocks


make sure u answer the question and give 2 comment this queastion


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