Strategic Management Project

Strategic Management: Group Project Outline
Cover Page

Executive Summary

Table of Contents

I. Organization Description and Issues {This is a relatively short section of just a few pages} A. History B. Current Conditions C. Strategic Intent D. Main Issues Facing Organization

[Analytical Frameworks and Techniques]

II. External Assessment {This is a longer section with a substantial amount of analysis with exhibits} A. Overview of Industry B. Natural Environment C. Macro-environment D. Operating Environment E. Trends F. Key External Industry Success Factors G. Summary of External Assessment

[Analytical Frameworks and Techniques]

V. Strategy Formulation {creating modifications of existing strategies and new ones and the rationale} A. Strategic Options B. Evaluation of Alternatives C. Selection of Strategies D. Summary of Recommended Strategies

VI. Strategy Implementation {how to execute strategies} A. Action Items B. Action Plans C. Summary of Execution Plan

VII. Strategic Evaluation and Controls {how to measure whether new strategies are working} A. Balanced Scorecard Approach to Strategic Evaluation B. Strategic Control Systems C. Summary of Recommended Evaluation and Control Measures

[Analytical Frameworks and Techniques]




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