Switching Circuits Logic Design computer science homework help

Q1. Convert to hexadecimal, Octal and then to binary: 

(a) 757.25 (10 decimal system )

(b) 123.17 (10) 

Q2. Add, subtract, and multiply in binary: 

(a) 1111 and 1010
(b) 110110 and 11101

(c) Divide in binary: 110000001 / 1110

Verify the results with its corresponding decimal results. 

Q3. Suppose A = 010100 and B = 011101 are two 6-bit binary numbers. Perform the following operations using addition operation. Use 2’s complement for negative number representation.

(a) A-B 

(b) B-A 

(c) A+B 

(d) –A-B

Verify the results with their corresponding decimal results. If you find a result is wrong, explain why is so? 

Q4. Represent 186 in BCD code, Excess-3 code, 6-3-1-1 code and Gray code. 


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