textbook is humanities through the arts 10th edition

Paper 1, “The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood”

For your first short paper, please complete the Perception Key on p. 88.


Answer each of the questions fully.

Explain your answers thoroughly.

Support your answers by utilizing the terminology and concepts from the textbook thus far; use quotations where they would be effective/necessary.

Each question/sub-question should probably get its own paragraph; simply answer the questions as if you were writing one long, cohesive paper. Do not number the paragraphs or questions.

The finished paper should be at 250-500 words, minimum. If your paper is significantly shorter than this, you will lose points.

MLA Guidelines:

Titles of paintings would be italicized (for example: Gustave Courbet’s The Desperate Man).

If you quote or paraphrase the textbook, use page numbers to locate where you are taking the information from. For example: According to Martin and Jacobus, “The self-portrait is one of the enduring genres of painting” (90). Or, alternatively: As the authors state, “The self-portrait is one of the enduring genres of painting” (Martin and Jacobus 90).

Make sure your last name is next to the page number, in the upper right hand corner.

Put your identifying information (name and course/section number) in the upper left corner.

Grading Rubric:

Paper addresses each question thoughtfully.

Writer’s answers are supported with adequate reasoning and explanation.

Answers demonstrate basic understanding of applicable textbook terminology.

Where used, borrowed information is cited properly.

Paper is neat/clean and relatively free of errors.

Paper meets basic length requirement (250-500 words).


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