What is internal and external validity? When conducting research, why is there often a trade-off between internal and external validity?
June 19, 2019
To What Extent Has Freud Effected Modern Western Culture
June 19, 2019

The Relationship Between Social Structure And Food

In your textbook, Anthropology, the autors write that the way  we get our food is important because “the way a society gets its food strongly predicts other aspects of a culture, from community size and permanence of settlement to type of economy and degree of inequality and type of political system, and even art syles and religous beliefs and practices.” (Ember et al. 2011: 270)

Discuss the various ways that we get food (foraging, horticulture, intensive agriculture, and pastoralism) and how each food getting strategy influence the way people live.

How do you think your life is influenced by the way you get your food?

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