the three pages you were missing from my week 7 project

thanks for the powerpoint but I am missing the essay of three pages with information answering this questions below in order. I can pay you a bit more but I need the three page essay about this. Let me know please

In a PowerPoint Presentation, address the following.

  • Introduction to the essay
  • Identify and describe a theory or model and explain its relevance to your nurse practitioner specialty. (family nurse practitioner)
  • Describe an issue or concern that is related to your nurse practitioner specialty, and explain its impact on health care outcomes
  • Explain how the theory or model can be used as a framework to guide evidence-based practice to address the issue or concern, and discuss the unique insight or perspective offered through the application of this theory or model.
  • Conclusion to the essay
  • References

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seen4 days ago

Use the same information that you used in the powerpoint but just expand more in the answers

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okay buddy no problem

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hey buddy, when do you want it?

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Been nice working with you! ✌ Thanks for using Studypool. See you around! IAnd don’t forget, Studypool can also help with Nursing, HTML/CSS and Excel sheets!

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Hello buddy, I am through with the 3 pages was requesting if you can post is as a new question so that I can attach there

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hello, i am through with three pages, please post so that i can attach the work..thanks


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