U S V Alvarez

Due tomorrow morning at 10am. 

•First Page: Cover Page

•Introduction (½ page)

?Introduce your paper. What case will you be discussing?

•Summary (1-2 pages)

?Provide a summary (background, context) of the case. This section should identify who was involved in the case and answer the “why” behind the case. (at least one page)

•Decision (1-2 pages)

?Provide the ruling that was decided in this case. What did the Supreme Court decide in its ruling and what was their reasoning? What did they consider? Was there any dissent amongst the justices? If so, what was their dissent based on?

•Opinion (1 page)

?What are your thoughts on the Supreme Court’s decision? Do you agree or disagree? Explain your position and the “why” behind your thoughts.

•Conclusion (½ page)

?Summarize your paper and the main points made throughout.


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