Week 1 research notebook | ENG 122 English Composition II | Ashford University

Each week, you will have an opportunity to practice different aspects of the research and writing process in a research notebook. The notebook will be comprised of templates corresponding to the weekly topic. You will download a new template each week, which you will fill out and submit in Canvas. In addition to introducing and practicing targeted components of the research and writing process, these notebooks will help you develop and practice the skills you will demonstrate in your other assignments.
This week, the research notebook will focus on developing a research question and utilizing key word searches.
Before you begin this week’s writing notebook, please read Chapter 2 in your course textbook, and review the Narrowing a Topic and Developing a Research Question (Links to an external site.) and the Research, Keywords, Databases: An Overview  (Links to an external site.)resources.
In the Week 1 Research Notebook you will

Identify the process of developing research questions.
Utilize key words to assist in research for a specific topic.

Follow the steps outlined below to complete this week’s research notebook:

Download the Week 1 Research Notebook template  download, which has been provided for you in a Word document. Please note that you can choose to print out the template and mark it up as long as you can scan it back into your computer for submission in Canvas by Day 7.
Save the file to your computer (desktop or a folder).
Click on the “Submit Assignment” button to submit. When you have finished uploading your document, click on the subsequent “Submit Assignment” so your instructor may receive your document for grading.

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