Week 6 Task 11

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Global Staffing and Compensation posted by
Brenda Abayomi
, Feb 24, 2018, 1:08 PM

The article is clear on the fact human resource management is a topic that has enticed various authors when it comes to jotting something about the concept. However, not much has been covered on both HRM and entrepreneurship as two collective terms though different in their jurisdictions. The author of this journal writes much on human resource issues in the high technology firms. The article indicates the knowledge in HRM aids in understanding circumstances experienced by the entrepreneur firms and the know-how can shed the lights to the realization of the solutions to some of the problems experienced by these organizations.

The journal explicitly talks on HRM and entrepreneurship as some of the demanding concepts in the current business environment if which I concur with the writer over these sentiments. I share various thoughts that are presented in this journal and how the author presented the content of this literature. The journal gives insight into the current entrepreneurship brain on how to go about it and the importance of the knowledge in human resource management when working in an entrepreneurial enterprise (Buckley et al., 2008). The article clearly illustrates that entrepreneurship revolves around innovation and proactiveness and failure these elements to be present then the business idea risk to lose its viability. In conclusion, I can voice in by stating that the article is a credible source of reference to anyone wishing to become a vibrant businessperson this is because of the details provided and how the author packaged the information. The fact that the writer acknowledges that much has been written on the same topic but he invented a new strategy to add informational backbone to the topic makes it positive.


Buckley, M. R., Carraher, S. M., Carraher, S. C., Ferris, G. R., & Carraher, C. E. (2008). Human resource issues in global entrepreneurial high technology firms: Do they differ? Journal of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship, 13(1), 4-14.


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