Week 8 HR Management Discussion

Does Technology Help or Harm Security Efforts? (20 points)

With the increasing use of technology in the workplace, determine if workplace security is getting easier or more difficult for organizations to manage. Support your response with evidence or examples.

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I believe with the use of technology in the workplace it has made it easier for companies to manage, from HR to Logistics. So as far as safety and security well there are several different type we now have to be aware of these days. So as far as our safety and well-being then the use of technology is very well used and potential of being breached is minimal. From the use of timers on lights to the new advancements in cameras I think we are always being looked after. I don’t believe anyone goes to work with the thought in mind that they plan on getting injured so I feel that as a workforce we tend to work safer these days. I personally am in charge of signing off team members on the use of powered equipment. So I have my mentee do the training then I go behind and validate. I feel this new process keeps all team members safe. When it comes to asset protection I am usually called to assist due to my background in law enforcement. However even then I am basically a professional witness. Asset Protection will make contact and if they run so be it the new camera system in place we can just pull video and send off to all Targets and local and regional law enforcement. As far as our personal information well that is a very dynamic technology. Due to the constant flow of information our personal information must be protected at all times from security breaches.The only draw back to all of the this is that all personal must be trained and when it comes to very specific tasks new team members must be employed, but are these really bad things to deal with.


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