What is your philosophy of education
June 20, 2019
write a three pages essay about why family is the most important thing in life. why it is the first passion in life.
June 20, 2019

what is a good society?

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what is a good society? Articulate your vision of a good society considering such establishing and manintaining such a society, the role of various social groups and institutions from families to government, and how such a society would approach global problems affecting it as well asneighboring societies. Is it possible to achieve such a society? Must it remain a utopian dream? Or is it more of an ideal that we pursue, perhaps approximate, but never fully reallize? Develop and support your answer by making use of at least one article from each of the four chapters.
The essay must be between 1300 and 1400 words long. It must include proper citations for sources quoted or paraphrased, following the instructions for either footnotes or endnotes provided in the Chicago Manual of Style.

Here are some articles from four chapters.
Chapter 1: 1) John Stuart Mill, “Of thoughts and discussion”
2) Albert Einstein, “Ideas and Opinions”
3) Michael Sandel, ” Doing the right thing”
Chapter 2: 1) Joan McGregor, “Consent and Autonomy”
2) Sundee Tucker Frazier, “Don’t make me choose”
3) Brent Staples. “Black Men and public spaces”
Chapter 3: 1) John Locke, “Second treatise of government”
2) Martin Luther King Jr., “Letter from Birmingham jail”
3) Jean Bethke Elshtain, ” a call to civil society”
Chapter 4: 1)John Muir, “Save the redwoods”
2) Willie Soon and Sallie Baliunas, “Global Warming”
3) Jane Goodall, “Four reasons for hope”


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