why are you interested in becoming a cyber scholar and in what ways will you contribute to the community

It’s a scholarship organized by the cyber scholar program for transfer students. The purpose of the scholarship is preparing the next generation of cybersecurity professionals. The program requires involvement in the community for those receiving the scholarship. And although not a requirement they support mainly women who wants to pursue a cybersecurity path for their career and minorities are also included because increasing diversity in the field is the objective of the program. I’m a black male, I’m from Ethiopia. I finished my secondary education in a French high school in Ethiopia. Therefore, I was fortunate enough to meet people from different background and get exposed to different cultures. This program allows me to do the same thing which I love with people who has the same interest(cybersecurity) as me. I’m going to post you a link so please make sure to check it out so that you can read what the program is really about and what they are actually looking for. (https://scholarships.umbc.edu/cyber/). The papers should provide answers in 300 words or less (not short either) for these questions below:

-What are your educational and career goals? Get my bachelor’s in Computer Science and my master’s in cybersecurity. As far as career goals I want to become an incident response analyst. You can elaborate on these points.

– Discuss any research, extracurricular, or community service activities that have been particularly meaningful to you. I used to be a part of Montgomery college’s software development club where we used to encourage minorities and women as well by organizing an event called day of code. The main purpose of the event was to increase diversity. We used to invite guests that work in big companies like Microsoft to give speeches about their experience. Then after that we would have labs so that participants get exposed to programming and see if it’s something that they find interesting and would want to major in. Feel free to come up with other stuff that you think would be beneficial.

– How have you been a leader in the past, and how would you continue being a leader at UMBC? I was about to talk about day of code on this one because I was one of the leaders, but don’t you think it would be repetitive? so can you please come with something in here

– Describe your experiences and/or interests related to technology, generally, and cybersecurity in particular. For instance, in high school I used to be really interested in finding WIFI vulnerabilities and use penetration tools such as AirCrack-ng, Reaver, Wireshark just as a hobby and out of curiosity.

– An important part of the mission of the Cyber Scholars Program is to increase the representation of women and other underrepresented groups in the field of cybersecurity. How would you help us to achieve this mission?

– Why are you interested in becoming a Cyber Scholar and in what ways will you contribute to the community?

– How did you hear about the Cyber Scholars Program?

So, these are the questions, I gave you a couple of points you can mention for the answers, please take your time and answer the questions thoroughly in an essay format by adding different points that you think might grab the application reader’s attention.


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