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Women in the business
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The Women in Business Scholarship is for female applicants who have work or internship experience or have led a team in an international environment. For this scholarship, Hult is seeking female leaders who have experience in a global company and understand today’s international business environment. From your experience, why you think it is important to have women in leadership positions (max 300 words)
From your experience, why you think it is important to have women in leadership positions (max 300 words)
Female business leaders are playing an important role in changing the dynamics of today’s business environment. Women are always dutiful and thoughtful in preparing their work. While I started the L.Y.V.E club event with my group, the four team members in our group are all groups. I think women know more strategies to deliver their ideas effectively. While we worked together, we always communicate and coordinate with each other smoothly. We also work proactively and reactively, this is one of the greatest leadership characteristics to manage the changing times. Women’s personalities drive them think ahead. While I am working, I master my own environment in order to avoid potential problems before they arise.
While I am working with UBS Financial Services international team, I developed my adaptability from looking into different cultures and communication strategies. Women tend to be more self-adaptive, this is important while working in an international business environment. I always catch up with the client to hear their feedback. Some of my colleagues may think the completion of a task in an end, but I will view feedback as a gift to improve, I will create access to information and bring up more resource for the client to learn.
Women should get better education in a way to advance their talents, when we use the full talents of female leaders, our countries and companies are more productive.


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