Write 9 pages with APA style on A Comparative Study of Online News.

Write 9 pages with APA style on A Comparative Study of Online News. Curran et. al chose 1000 adults from each country who were given an online survey. In Greece and Colombia interviews were taken. The results that were obtained from these surveys showed the extent of media exposure in each country. In addition, the age groups which are more prone to news updates were also recognized.

The younger generation in Australia, Greece, Japan, Korea, and the U.K, uses more internet for news-related information. In Italy, the case is the opposite as more aged people make use of the internet for news information. In Norway, the situation is neutral with both old aged people and young ones use the internet equally (Curran et. al, p-884).

Curran et. al (p- 887) deduced that India, Japan, and Italy have more state-oriented websites. More emphasis is given to what’s happening in politics. Civil society has a smaller representation of websites. The case is different for Australia, Greece & Norway where importance is given to individual citizens, the overall society, and the entertainment industry (fashion, movies, and celebrities).

1. Interactivity: This feature is of the utmost importance when it comes to online news websites. The authors state that it is a pure-audience-friendly feature that facilitates the use of the website. For example, interactivity features include services like email exchange with the journalist, opinion/comments on the bulletins, web chat options. Such services help in making the online platform more interactive.

2. Customization: Some websites have the option of ‘pull content’ which can be old archives and ‘push content’ which are subscriptions. Using this feature a user can customize the kind of news he or she wants by selecting certain news categories (Movies) and then the same would be sent to him/her via emails. This is known as Customization of content which is very appealing to some users.

3. Hypertexuality: Using these high-tech feature journalists are able to hyperlink the news item with original documents, making the news more authentic.

4. Multimediality: Using this feature journalists combine traditional media along with recent technologies. For example, embedding text, images, videos, and audios on the websites. The use of banner advertisement is a form of multimodality.

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