write about a cultural event i attended

For this assignment, I need to write about a cultural event that i have attended. The event is (Frankie Avalon at the Soraya CSUN). i just need you to write as if you were in the event and answer the following questions in an essay form: (2-3 pages, 850-1100 words)

  • What messages (regarding social injustice, diversity, equality, etc.) did the event convey? How were these messages communicated?
  • What aspect of the event impressed you the most? Why?
  • Did your attendance make you consider going to other events? Why or why not?
  • Did the event change the way you view yourself or others? If so, how?
  • How did your fellow observers seem to react to the performance? Why do you think they might have displayed this reaction (or these reactions)?
  • If you attended with peers, ask them to share their thoughts.


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