writing a research essay for a criminal justice class about prison

writing a research essay about prison , first thing we have to come up with a question that belong to the topic and the mean point that we going to write about and answer it , on the introduction we have to give one thing about prison to talk about only like health in prison or educations….

here is the professor outline take a look at it please..

At this point you have three documents — an introduction, a literature review, and an outline of a research plan. The purpose of this assignment is to provide you the opportunity to merge these three documents into a single document.

A research proposal -sometimes called a prospectus- is the first three sections of a research report — the introduction, the literature review, and the methods sections. In an academic environment, a research prospectus would be presented to a thesis or dissertation committee. If the committee agrees with the researcher’s plan, then they may approve the student to complete the research project. The functional equivalent of this routinely occurs in criminal justice practice. Often practitioners are asked to offer proposals for conducting agency sponsored research or to secure the necessary resources.

If necessary, merge and rewrite your introduction, literature review, and research plan into a single document in the form of a research proposal. Use the resource titled, Tips for Synthesizing the Introductory, Literature Review, and Methods Outline Sections, to help you with this process.

Key assessment issues (Your grade is based on these elements.)

  1. The extent to which your introduction, literature review, and methods plan are congruent. For example, your literature review should be relevant to your research question and the methods plan should produce the data necessary to answer your research question. This may require extensive revision.
  2. The readability of your manuscript. The information should be well organized.
  3. Adhere to grammar, spelling, word choice, punctuation, and other writing criteria noted in the syllabus.


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