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Robbery: During the past week, every evening, at approximately 7:00 p.m., a person on a bicycle has ridden up to a pedestrian, pointed a knife at the individual, demanded their money and their wallet, and then has ridden away. In each case, the suspect has tossed the wallet on the sidewalk not far from the scene, several times in sight of the victim. The suspect wore gloves in each case. The robberies have occurred in different parts of town and do not display a consistent pattern as to location at this point. The suspect is describes as a male, wearing a bike helmet, glasses, bike pants, and bike shoes that snap into the peddles of the bike. He is of small build and slight stature and appears to be between 20 and 30 years of age.

  • What criminal investigation actions should be taken?
  • What considerations should be noted for the perpetrator and the victims?
  • Is this case solvable? Should it be pursued? Why or why not?

Our discussion is first, then the individuals answer list references


If this crime occurred in our jurisdiction we would increase patrols and set up a sting operation  at the other convenience stores. Next we would go check surveillance videos in our local liquor stores looking for anyone wearing similar clothing and of similar build to our suspect.  If he has a smell of alcoholic beverage on his breath and person he has to get it somewhere and chances are pretty good that he did not change his clothes. We would also check into anyone with a speech impediment.

 In high stress situations like the clerks are exposed to it is hard to remember details and most likely the clerks would have been transfixed on the gun barrel rather than taking in the robber.  The video would offer the best chance of a good description of the suspect.  There is always the chance that the suspect is playing the clerks with the stuttering. The alcohol smell may be because he needs liquid courage or it too may be to throw off the investigators.  

 I do think this case is solvable as there as it has a pattern and can be set up for a bust. The case does have leads and follow up investigation that can be done. I do feel the department needs to look into this one.


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