Written Assignment: Text Comparisons:

Comparing and contrasting literature works is one common strategy in K-12 ELA education. Identifying and describing the similarities and differences between literary works ensures that the students are not only understanding each work, but are also reflecting on them and thinking critically about them. Being able to explain how two works fit together, as well as how they don’t, means that students understand the main point of each, and have absorbed enough of the content to go beyond summarizing what they have read.

Graphic Organizer

For this assignment, begin by reviewing Janet Allen’s Compare/Contrast: Discovering Patternssheet in her tools for Teaching Content Literacy. Then review the Text-to-Text graphic organizer in the appendix of the Flip Chart 1b. Identify two texts that you would like to teach in your future ELA classroom. Complete the chart to reflect these text comparisons.


Once you have completed the chart, develop a rationale of at least one page that explains why you chose the two texts that you did. In addition, explain how your students will benefit from comparing and contrasting these texts.

Remember to appropriately cite all sources used.

Flip Chart Link 1b Flip Chart Link 1b Export to portfolio


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